Sewage Sludge Puts Food, Water Supplies In Jeopardy

By Helane Shields, email

Infectious prions are in the sewage sludge being used to fertilize food crops across America and around the world. So-called biosolids and the reckless dumping of unregulated toxic waste are contributing to a global spike in neurodegenerative disease among people, wildlife and livestock.

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In 1981, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cut a deal to dispose of sewage sludge as a soil amendment to grow human and animal crops, including wheat, corn and soybeans (basic ingredients in all of the food lining supermarket shelves), and sorgum (animal feeds). A recent study confirms that plants uptake and transport prions.

Prions are indestructible infectious proteins in brains which cause mad cow disease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Wasting Disease (in deer), and other human and animal diseases.   Temperatures exceeding 1800 F are necessary to reduce prion infectivity. Cooking, boiling, autoclaving, etc. do not inactivate prions.

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Prion disease victims shed infectious prions in their urine and feces. The Alzheimer’s epidemic in the United States has claimed over 6 million victims who are excreting infectious prions into public sewers.   Wastewater treatment plants produce 7 million metric tons each year of the sewage sludge (biosolids), which contains nitrogen and phosphorus – hence, its disposal on land as fertilizer is the cheapest way to get rid of it.

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Alzheimer’s disease is vastly underreported. In fact, most death certificates list pneumonia as the cause of death when people die of Alzheimer’s disease. Parkinson’s – another prion disease – has claimed over a million victims. Autism, another epidemic which afflicts children, may also be a prion disease. Thus, the human sources of prions in sewage sludge are enormous.

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