There is definitely a connection between sewage and prion diseases. Deadly prions are in the blood, urine, feces, saliva and tissue of millions of infected people and animals. Sewage treatment cannot stop prions, which means that they survive the process and end up on golf courses and farms through reclaimed water and biosolids (sludge). Now, they are destined for more and more taps around the world through reclaimed water and “toilet to taps” programs.

sewage water and disease.

Recycling sewage water and disease–not a good idea.

Deadly prions are found in the urine, feces, blood, saliva and tissue of human and animals infected with prion disease, including Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Wasting disease, and Mad Cow disease. Infected fluids from hospitals, dental offices, morgues, crematories, slaughterhouses, and more make it to many local sewage plants. Prions are unstoppable. Sewage treatment has little, if any effect on prions. Just ask the U.S. EPA. Therefore, prions survive and live on through sewage sludge and reclaimed water. Prion diseases are recycled when sewage sludge and reclaimed water are applied to crops, parks, golf courses and beyond. Many areas are even reclaiming sewage water and sending it to the taps in homes. This is a really bad idea.

When sewage is applied to land, the prions are washed into groundwater, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. A new study from the University of Wisconsin has found that plants (vegetables and crops used for animal feed) exposed to prions, become infected with prions and can transmit deadly prion disease. Therefore, applying human sewage from thousands of people infected with Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is transmitting deadly prions directly into our food and water supply. Cheers to Victoria, B.C. for having the vision and courage to reject the BS and pathogens being spread by the sewage industry and many regulators around the world. In fact, sewage sludge is likley contributing to the spread of Chronic Wasting disease.

Though not the only cause of prion disease, pissing in the proverbial pool in the age of a deadly prion epidemic is not a good idea. It’s time to rethink and reform sewage disposal policies around the world. The epidemic is real. More than 40 million people around the world have dementia now and it’s expected to get much worse. Prion diseases are always deadly. There is no prevention other than your wits. There is no cure. The book available on this website goes into much more detail.

By recycling disease with sludge and wastewater, the prion pathogen is making its way into drinking water and into food products. We have created Pandora’s “Lunchbox” with our sewage disposal practices alone. It’s time to reform these practices before the contamination spreads even further. Read more in the book and please advocate for the reform of sewage disposal practices.

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